Letter: Cinde Warmington is best of strong field for Executive Council District 2

To the Editor:

This year’s primary race for the District 2 seat on the New Hampshire Executive Council features an unusual number of contenders. Six Democrats have signed up to fill a position that is finally getting the attention it deserves as a critical decision-making body in our unique New Hampshire democracy. We are fortunate to have a strong field of candidates representing diverse talents and experiences. For me, the candidate who stands out as best suited to take on the job of Executive Councilor is Cinde Warmington.

The Council votes on contracts, executive department and judicial appointments, and makes a variety of other decisions that cut across virtually every policy area addressed by state government. Key among them is health care. In Cinde we will have a Councilor with deep knowledge of and experience in health care practice and policy. She started out in laboratory medicine and went on to work for 20 years as a health care attorney. She will continue to work for affordable quality health care for our families—and to be specific about an issue that comes before the Council repeatedly, she will support funding for Planned Parenthood.

Of course, Cinde won’t just be working on health care issues. She will be wading through contracts for educational consultants, climate research, and social service providers, to name a few. Luckily for her constituents, colleagues, and the Governor, she has extensive experience with poring over and negotiating contracts—and enjoys it. I know she will be a conscientious student of whatever topic comes her way.

Finally, voters should know that Cinde is down to earth, good-humored, and an open minded listener. That’s good news for her constituents—and her colleagues on the Council!

Please vote for Cinde on September 8.

Amanda Merrill, Former State Senator, Durham

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