Letter: Warmington for Executive Council

Cinde Warmington is running for New Hampshire’s five-member Executive Council.

Cinde would represent citizens of the 49 towns and cities in Council District 2, including Concord, Franklin, Hopkinton, Sutton, Warner, and Webster.

Cinde’s career has included many years of work in hospitals and laboratory medicine. Most recently she’s been a health care attorney.

Cinde believes that health care is a basic human right, and she will work to expand health care access and lower costs for Granite State families. As the only councilor with health care experience, Cinde will work to expand access and lower costs for all New Hampshire families.

As a longtime Democratic activist, Cinde has made calls and knocked on doors to elect Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. She stands up for Granite State families by safeguarding a woman’s right to choose, equal opportunity for all, and advancing workers’ priorities.

As a councilor, Cinde will monitor state expenditures, require that qualified and experienced candidates be appointed to state agencies, and ensure that judicial nominees prioritize our fundamental rights.

Please vote for Cinde in New Hampshire’s primary election on Tuesday, Sept. 8, and for Democratic candidates on Nov. 3. If you are unable to go to the polls, you can request an absentee ballot and vote by mail for both elections.



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