Letter: Warmington has bold ideas for Executive Council

Cinde Warmington is on the ballot on Sept. 8 for Executive Council District 2, and I urge voters to support her. Cinde came to Henniker this past winter to talk with me and other activists about her ideas for the Executive Council, and to hear about our local issues. I was struck by her intelligence and breadth of knowledge about both statewide and local concerns.

As an executive councilor, Cinde will be a strong advocate for progressive ideals like protecting Planned Parenthood; promoting clean energy, energy efficiency, and public transportation to tackle the climate crisis; ensuring health care access for every person in our state; and emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic with stronger health and economic justice safeguards than ever before.

Cinde also has an impressive vision for the Executive Council, and the dedication and persistence to realize it. She has ideas for transforming the way the council reviews state contracts, proposing communication with agencies months earlier than happens now. She’s talking about coordination with the Legislature and the strengthening of a Democratic caucus, in ways that no one has tried before. She’s done her homework by talking to current and former councilors and state agency heads, and she knows that this can be done. No one else in this field is putting forward the same bold, deliverable plans she is.

Rod Pimentel


(Rep. Rod Pimentel, a Democrat, represents Merrimack County District 6)

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