Letter: Warmington understands climate change danger

As someone who has spent my career advocating for the environment, I am proud to support Cinde Warmington for the District 2 Executive Council seat. Over the last 20 years, I have worked to promote and implement energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy in New Hampshire.

I am deeply concerned that climate change impacts are escalating rapidly in New Hampshire and throughout the world. We need to elect thoughtful, serious representatives who understand the extreme danger climate change poses to New Hampshire. We need an executive councilor who is committed to energy efficiency, renewable energy, low-carbon transportation solutions, and preserving our natural environment.

Cinde will make this happen through both appointments and contracts that come before the council. She will ensure that appointees to the Department of Environmental Services, Department of Agriculture, and Public Utilities Commission, as well as the Department of Transportation and the Site Evaluation Committee, express a strong commitment to environmental preservation and climate change solutions.

When reviewing state contracts, Cinde intends to ask more proactive questions, earlier in the contract approval process, about the environmental impacts of vendor contracts, such as the vendor’s use of energy efficient technology or their creative efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of a project or service.

More than any other candidate in this field, Cinde has the skills, commitment, and articulated plans to make change happen. Choose Cinde Warmington on Sept. 8.



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