Letter: Warmington will hit the ground running

In the District 2 Executive Council primary on Sept. 8, I am supporting Cinde Warmington for her experience in contractual law and her deep expertise in health care.

Perhaps the best-kept secret about the Executive Council is the number of contracts they review biweekly: 100 to 200 contracts, delivered on Friday night and voted on Wednesday morning. Each one, ideally, is scrutinized carefully by our executive councilors.

Cinde has spent her legal career reading, writing, and negotiating contracts just like these. She will not be on a “learning curve.” To the contrary, Cinde will be the kind of councilor who will know the right questions to ask from the first day on the job.

Cinde is also distinguished in this race by her 40 years of professional experience in health care. Right now, our Executive Council doesn’t have anyone with a health care background. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis it has wrought, we need someone who understands how to fix what is broken in our health care system.

Over the next two years, the Executive Council will review Medicaid contracts, contracts to deal with COVID-19 and its aftermath, and contracts to address the opioid crisis, worth hundreds of millions of dollars. There is nobody who will be more qualified to review these contracts than Cinde.

Cinde will take leadership on these issues, she will be prepared on day one, and that is why I urge voters to choose her on Sept. 8.



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