Letter: Tri-City mayors endorse Cinde Warmington for Executive Council

Aug. 20 — To the Editor:

As mayors of three cities in Executive Council District 2—Dover, Rochester, and Somersworth—we are standing united behind Cinde Warmington to represent our cities on the Executive Council.

Why? Because she is uniquely qualified for the work the Executive Council does every day. With Cinde’s decades of experience in health care, ranging from being a front-line worker in hospital laboratories, to health care management positions, to now being a health care attorney, we don’t have to explain the health care needs of our communities to her. Whether it’s the impacts of this pandemic, the opioid crisis, or the growing demand for mental health services in our communities, she understands. She’s seen the cracks in our health care system and the people who fall through them, and has a fierce commitment to making sure everyone has access to care.

More than that, Cinde shows up and listens. She has been here in our cities to talk to community members, attend city council meetings, and to participate in local community service projects. She listens carefully to our concerns and then discusses a plan to address them. And this is key—she has a real plan for putting the power of the Executive Council to work for the people. It is practical and actionable and we know she will make it happen.

Finally, Cinde is a real person with real life experience. As the first person in her family to ever go to college, she paid her own way working part time jobs. She attributes her own success to having had a good public education and will fight to protect it for all the children of our state. Having worked full time while raising her own two children, she understands first-hand the challenges of working families. She’s smart, persistent, hard-working, caring, and she intends to give her full-time attention to serving the people of this district on the Executive Council.

Cinde is the right person at the right time for this job. We hope you will join us in voting for Cinde Warmington on Sept. 8.

Mayor Bob Carrier, Dover

Mayor Caroline McCarley, Rochester

Mayor Dana Hilliard, Somersworth

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