Letter: Vote Warmington for Executive Council

I live in Washington, and I’m voting for Cinde Warmington for the District 2 Executive Council seat. Cinde brings skills, experience, and ideas to the job that make her the clear better candidate. The Executive Council’s primary responsibility is reviewing and evaluating hundreds of pages of complex state contracts. Cinde has spent years as a practicing lawyer drafting and negotiating complex contracts, and is uniquely qualified to look out for our interests in these contracts.

Perhaps more importantly, Cinde intends to initiate changes in how the Executive Council functions so it can better serve the people of New Hampshire. She’s looking critically at that the way things have always been done. For example, the first time an executive councilor looks at a state contract is at the end of a long process where a state agency has decided what service it needs, published requests for proposals, reviewed those proposals, and chosen a winner. At that stage, the council can do very little to change the contract. It is merely left with a vote to approve or deny the pre-negotiated contract.

Cinde intends to start a productive dialogue with state agencies earlier in this process to ask important questions, including what the environmental impact of the proposed contract will be and concerning the wages and benefits it provides to its employees. She has committed to leaving her law practice so she can work full time proactively advocating for our interests. She has my vote.



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