SEA / SEIU Local 1984

Representing more than 10,000 state, county, municipal, and private sector employees, SEA / SEIU Local 1984 supports labor champion Cinde Warmington based on her dedicated state service and commitment to New Hampshire's workforce.

"Councilor Warmington's steadfast commitment to New Hampshire's workforce and her dedication to enhancing the lives of all Granite Staters have been truly inspiring," said Rich Gulla, President of SEA / SEIU Local 1984.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) PAC

As the foremost professional membership organization for OB-GYNs nationwide, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists PAC supports reproductive rights champion Cinde Warmington based on her proven leadership fighting for the freedom to access affordable, safe, and legal abortion care and contraception without government interference.

"Since Roe v. Wade was overturned, there has been a dangerous assault on abortion access across the country by extreme Republicans, including right here in New Hampshire,” said Dr. Ellen Joyce, an OB-GYN and former chair of NH ACOG. “As doctors, it is critical that we are able to provide our patients with the medical care they need, including safe and legal abortion care. We need Cinde Warmington in the corner office so she can continue fighting to defend abortion access and protect our reproductive freedoms."

Concord Professional Firefighters – IAFF Local 1045

Having never wavered in her support of firefighters, the Concord Professional Firefighters – IAFF Local 1045 support labor champion Cinde Warmington for her fierce advocacy and reliable commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of firefighters, EMTs, AEMTs, paramedics, and dispatchers.

"Cinde Warmington has always fought for us and even helped secure funding for a cancer screening pilot program that will save lives through early detection and treatment, and is currently working to make the program permanent,” said Justin Kantar, President of the Concord Professional Firefighters – IAFF Local 1045. “We need someone in the corner office who we can trust to never waver in her support for our members and who will always put hard working families first, and that person is Cinde."

Current & Former Elected Officials

Fmr. Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter of Rochester
Fmr. Congressman Paul Hodes of Concord

Fmr. Executive Councilor Dudley Dudley of Durham
Fmr. Superior Court Judge Jean Burling of Cornish
Fmr. Attorney General Joseph Foster of Nashua
Fmr. Commissioner of Health & Human Services Jeff Meyers of Concord

Assistant Democratic Leader State Senator Becky Whitley of Hopkinton
State Senator Donovan Fenton of Keene
State Senator Sue Prentiss of Lebanon
Fmr. State Senate President Sylvia Larsen of Concord
Fmr. State Senate Majority Leader Burt Cohen of Portsmouth
Fmr. State Senate Vice President Iris Estabrook of Barrington
Fmr. State Senator Peter Hoe Burling of Cornish
Fmr. State Senator Martha Hennessey of Hanover
Fmr. State Senator Mandy Merrill of Durham
Fmr. State Senator Deb Reynolds of Plymouth
Fmr. State Senator Katie Wheeler of Durham

Fmr. Speaker of the House Terie Norelli of Portsmouth
Fmr. Speaker of the House Steve Shurtleff of Concord
Democratic Leader Pro Tempore Karen Ebel of New London
Senior Democratic Advisor Sharon Nordgren of Hanover
Senior Democratic Advisor Mary Jane Wallner of Concord
Democratic Advisor Brian Sullivan of Grantham
Democratic Floor Leader Lucy Weber of Walpole
Assistant Democratic Floor Leader Tony Caplan of Henniker
Assistant Democratic Floor Leader Mary Hakken-Phillips of Hanover
Assistant Democratic Floor Leader Rebecca McWilliams of Concord
Assistant Democratic Floor Leader Lucius Parshall of Marlborough
Senior Assistant Democratic Leader Jaci Grote of Rye
Senior Assistant Democratic Leader Linda Tanner of Georges Mills
Assistant Democratic Leader Muriel Hall of Bow
Assistant Democratic Leader David Huot of Laconia
Assistant Democratic Leader Cam Kenney of Durham
Assistant Democratic Leader Mark Paige of Exeter
Assistant Democratic Leader Joe Schapiro of Keene
State Representative Michael Abbott of Hinsdale
State Representative Heather Baldwin of Thornton
State Representative Luz Bay of Dover
State Representative Jane Beaulieu of Manchester
State Representative Peter Bixby of Dover
State Representative Bill Bolton of Plymouth
State Representative Angela Brennan of Bow
State Representative Tom Buco of Conway
State Representative Anita Burroughs of Glen
State Representative Michael Cahill of Newmarket
State Representative Gerri Cannon of Somersworth
State Representative Lorrie Carey of Boscawen
State Representative Tom Cormen of Lebanon
State Representative Hope Damon of Croydon
State Representative Charlotte DiLorenzo of Newmarket
State Representative Sherry Dutzy of Nashua
State Representative Daniel Eaton of Stoddard
State Representative Barry Faulkner of Swanzey
State Representative Dru Fox of Keene
State Representative Eric Gallager of Concord
State Representative Nick Germana of Keene
State Representative Merryl Gibbs of Concord
State Representative Julie Gilman of Exeter
State Representative Sherry Gould of Bradford
State Representative Chuck Grassie of Rochester
State Representative Joan Hamblet of Portsmouth
State Representative Linda Harriott-Gathright of Nashua
State Representative Cathryn Harvey of Spofford
State Representative Matthew Hicks of Concord
State Representative Heath Howard of Strafford
State Representative Molly Howard of Hancock
State Representative Lou Juris of Nashua
State Representative Jessica LaMontagne of Dover
State Representative Peter Leishman of Peterborough
State Representative Peter Lovett of Holderness
State Representative Dave Luneau of Hopkinton
State Representative Jim Maggiore of North Hampton
State Representative Zoe Manos of Stratham
State Representative Linda Massimilla of Littleton
State Representative Chris McAleer of Jackson
State Representative Kat McGhee of Hollis
State Representative Gary Merchant of Claremont
State Representative David Meuse of Portsmouth
State Representative Corinne Morse of Canaan
State Representative James Murphy of Hanover
State Representative Kate Murry of New Castle
State Representative Jodi Newell of Keene
State Representative & Coös County Democrats Chair Henry Noel of Berlin
State Representative David Paige of Conway
State Representative Bill Palmer of Cornish
State Representative Stephanie Payeur of Henniker
State Representative Michael Pedersen of Nashua
State Representative Ned Raynolds of Portsmouth
State Representative Cecilia Rich of Somersworth
State Representative James Roesener of Concord
State Representative Tom Schamberg of Wilmot
State Representative Dianne Schuett of Pembroke
State Representative Kris Schultz of Concord
State Representative Loren Selig of Durham
State Representative Marjorie Smith of Durham
State Representative Tim Soucy of Concord
State Representative Charlie St. Clair of Laconia
State Representative Laurel Stavis of Lebanon
State Representative Jerry Stringham of Lincoln
State Representative & City Councilor George Sykes of Lebanon
State Representative Bruce Tatro of Swanzey
State Representative Wendy Thomas of Merrimack
State Representative Amanda Toll of Keene
State Representative Alisson Turcotte of Allenstown
State Representative Eric Turer of Brentwood
State Representative Suzanne Vail of Nashua
State Representative Jonah Wheeler of Peterborough
Fmr. Assistant Democratic Leader Rick Newman of Nottingham
Fmr. State Representative Richard Abel of Lebanon
Fmr. State Representative Bill Baber of Dover
Fmr. State Representative Christy Bartlett of Concord
Fmr. State Representative Paul Berch of Westmoreland
Fmr. State Representative & Carroll County Democrats Chair Ed Butler of Hart’s Location
Fmr. State Representative Eileen Ehlers of Hooksett
Fmr. State Representative Andrew Maneval of Harrisville
Fmr. State Representative Ricia McMahon of Bradford
Fmr. State Representative Ariel Oxaal of Dover
Fmr. State Representative Bob Perry of Strafford
Fmr. State Representative Jeffery Salloway of Lee
Fmr. State Representative Marjorie Shepardson of Marlborough
Fmr. State Representative Peter Sullivan of Manchester
Fmr. State Representative Chuck Townsend of Canaan
Fmr. State Representative Edith Tucker of Randolph
Fmr. State Representative Robin Vogt of Portsmouth
Fmr. State Representative Safiya Wazir of Concord
Fmr. State Representative Gary Woods of Concord

Local Officeholders

Mayor Byron Champlin of Concord
Mayor Dale Girard of Claremont
Mayor Andrew Hosmer of Laconia
Mayor Jay Kahn of Keene
Fmr. Mayor Jim Bouley of Concord
Fmr. Mayor Dana Hilliard of Somersworth
Fmr. Mayor Mike Watman of Somersworth
Assistant Mayor Cliff Below of Lebanon
Sheriff David Croft of Salisbury
Sheriff Eli Rivera of Keene
County Commissioner Tara Reardon of Concord
Alderman Ben Clemons of Nashua
Alderwoman Shoshanna Kelly of Nashua
City Councilor Karen Liot Hill of Lebanon
City Councilor & State Representative George Sykes of Lebanon
City Councilor Fred Keach of Concord
City Councilor Brent Todd of Concord
City Councilor Erle Pierce of Concord
City Councilor Stacey Brown of Concord
City Councilor Paula McLaughlin of Concord
City Councilor Candace Bouchard of Concord
City Councilor Robbie Warach of Dover

Party Leaders & Grassroots Activists

Fmr. NH Democratic Party Chair & Ambassador George Bruno of Manchester
Belknap County Democrats Chair Johnna Davis of Gilford
Carroll County Democrats Chair & Fmr. State Representative Ed Butler of Hart's Location
Coös County Democrats Chair & State Representative Henry Noel of Berlin
Grafton County Democrats Chair Ann Garland of Lebanon
Strafford County Democrats Chair Walter King of Dover
Sullivan County Democrats Chair Ellis Robinson of Grantham

Paula Aarons of Gilsum
Ronald Abramson of Manchester
Lisa Akey of Newmarket
William Alex of Rochester
Sandra Allen of Newmarket
Robert Amer of Moultonborough
Fred Anderson of Bethlehem
Jordan Applewhite of Sugar Hill
Maria Arzola of Manchester
Kristine Baber of Dover
Patty Bass of Concord
Philip Bastedo of Dublin
Matthew Bean of Claremont
Sharon Beaty of Keene
Kathleen Beckett of Lebanon
Bridget Benedict of Warner
Jean Bernard of Stratham
Gerald Bernier of Nashua
Reagan Bissonnette of Concord
Arthur Bobruff of New London
David Breeden of Derry
Jane Broadrick of Concord
Stacey Brooks of Rye
Barbara Bryce of Gilsum
Chris Burgess of Canterbury
Debby Butler of Concord
Hope Butterworth of Concord
Carlos Cardona of Laconia
Shelley Carita of Meredith
Judy Carr of Hollis
Nancy Chabot of Contoocook
Jonathan Chaffee of West Lebanon
Liz Chipman of Concord
Deanna Christiansen of Barrington
Renee Cicerchi of Strafford
Monica Ciolfi of Concord
Nancy Clark of Hopkinton
Lacey Colligan of Concord
David Conway of Henniker
Diane Cooper of Bow
Leo Coyle of Dover
Amy Cranage of Grantham
Misty Crompton of New Boston
Paul Cully of Dover
Catherine Dandeneau of Somersworth
Allen Davis of Dublin
Deborah Day of Barrington
Eileen Delahanty of Manchester
Carl Dematteo of Keene
Brett Destefano of Greenland
Gregg DiChiara of Dover
Melissa Dickerson of Epping
Melanie Dieringer of Epping
Erica Druke of Concord
Karlene Embler of Hancock
Sally Eneguess of Peterborough
Catharine Farkas of Sanbornton
Peter Farrell of Alton
Michelle Feller-Kopman of Plainfield
JoAnn Fenton of Keene
Carlene Ferrier of Concord
Sylvia Field of Hanover
Adam Finkel of Dalton
Maria Finnegan of Dublin
Marcia Fletcher of Concord
Sean Fogarty of Exeter
Alice Fogel of Walpole
Bernie Fournier of Suncook
Ivor Freeman of Exeter
Jennifer Frizzell of Concord
Sebastian Fuentes of Thornton
Julianne Gadoury of Concord
Mary Giacobbe of Atkinson
Andrea Goldberg of Concord
Jinx Gollam of Concord
Steve Gordon of Hopkinton
Charles Grau of Bedford
Vince Greco of Nashua
Cathy Green of Dunbarton
Susan Greenberg of Rye
Curt Grimm of Concord
Linda Hagan of New London
Christopher Hawkins of Newmarket
Sam Hayden of Contoocook
Dale Hempen of Durham
Marilyn Henderson of Gilford
Peter Hendrick of Alstead
Karen Hicks of Concord
Susan Holcombe of Hanover
Barbara Hyde of Ossipee
Nicholas Ilyadis of Merrimack
Biddy Irwin of Newport
Edith Jaconsky-Hamersma of Holderness
Nora Janeway of Washington
Andi Johnson of Marlborough
Bruce Johnson of Elkins
Sara Johnson of Hanover
Michael Joseph of Nashua
Harry Judd of Bow
Tracey Kallman of Harrisville
Anne Kalter of Wolfeboro
Lucy Karl of Hopkinton
Judith Kaufman of Cornish
Robert Kelley of Lee
Patricia Kellogg of Littleton
Gayle Kimball of Contoocook
Don Kollisch of Concord
Amy Kramer Perry of Dover
Leslie Lamois of Harrisville
Rose Lanier of Concord
Lilliane Lebel of Temple
Donald Leisman of Concord
Jan Lesieur of Epsom
Shane Lieberman of Sanbornton
Lyn Lindpaintner of Concord
David Loker of Moultonborough
Angy Lombara of Gilsum
Caroll Lothrop of Surry
Judy Lundahl of Surry
Lisa Madden of Litchfield
William Maddocks of Amherst
Amy Manzelli of Pembroke
Breanne Markunas of Nashua
Lu Martin of Hanover
Nancy Martland of Sugar Hill
Kathleen McAllister of Concord
James McCarthy of Salisbury
Heather McNally of Manchester
Raymond Mercier Jr. of Concord
Chris Meier of North Conway
Kate Miller of Meredith
Patrick Miller of Campton
Michelle Moge of Derry
David Morris of Gilford
Maxine Mosley of Manchester
Kris Murthy of Pelham
Deb Nelson of Hanover
Diane Newman of Nottingham
Jeanne North of Concord
Mike O'Sullivan of Londonderry
Susan Orkin of Grantham
Raleigh Ormerod of Keene
Terri ORorke of Keene
Evan Oxenham of Plainfield
Paula Paciulan of Litchfield
Linda Paquette of Hopkinton
Patricia Piscetta of Belmont
Robert Pomeroy of Gilford
Kim Pooler of Concord
Gene Porter of Rochester
Parker Potter of Contoocook
Susan Pratt of Grantham
Brenda Quinn of Contoocook
Cora Quisumbing-King of Dover
Elissa Rasmussen of Brookline
Donna Raycraft of Concord
Birute Regine of Hancock
Donald Richard of Washington
Bill Rider of Concord
Patricia Riker of Effingham
Bonnie Rill of Harrisville
Kris Robertshaw of Derry
Paul Robitaille of Gorham
Chris Roerden of Nashua
Sumner Roper of Nashua
Kim Rosenfield of New London
Marie Rossachacj of New London
Jill Satterfield of Loudon
Ann Saulnier of Gilford
Michael Scanlon of Littleton
Mary Schatzle of Durham
Jeff Schindler of Concord
Linda Schultz of Sunapee
Karen Sebastian of West Chesterfield
Mark Secord of Lisbon
John Sedleski of Manchester
Anne Segal of Hanover
James Serrell of Kingston
Elizabeth Shabel of Hanover
Dennis Shanahan of Dover
Ghana Sharma of Concord
Sharon Shea of Hampton
Alan Shulman of New London
Laura Simoes of Concord
Jayme Simoes of Concord
Owen Simoes of Concord
Bill Siroty of Manchester
Jim Skofield of Walpole
Caroline Smith of Concord
Joseph Snow of Concord
James Stafford of Gilmanton Iron Works
Eric Stauble of Durham
Jim Steiner of Concord
Lynda Stewart of Nashua
Caroline Storrs of Cornish
Daniel Sullivan of Newbury
Matthew Swenson of Pittsfield
Jim Tetreault of Winchester
Daryl Thompson of Colebrook
Michele Tremblay of Penacook
Paula Trombi of Meredith
Paul Twomey of Chichester
Richard Uncles of Chester
Sue Veal of Rochester
Jim Verschueren of Dover
Patricia Vorkink of North Hampton
Claudia Walker of Concord
Janet Ward of Contoocook
Michael Ward of Contoocook
Annette Watson of Dover
Denise Webb of Manchester
Debora Webster of Moultonborough
Conni White of New Castle
Lynda Williams of Alton
Mark Wisan of Peterborough
Megan Wood of Hancock
Willis Wotton of Whitefield
Dorothy Yanish of Peterborough
Oge Young of Concord
Sarah Young of Hanover